From self-worth and other difficulties | THOMAS A HOLLBACH

From self-worth and other difficulties

From self-worth and other difficulties | THOMAS A HOLLBACH

“We wonder who am I to call myself brilliant, great, talented, fantastic? But who are you not to call yourself that? "
- Marianne Williamson

I was off work one summer evening and was just closing the shop. I left my work clothes on straight away, and it certainly only took me 10 minutes to get home by tram. Lost in thought, I ran to the train station. My mother called me on the cell phone. We talked on the phone for a while, told each other about our day and laughed a lot. When I hung up, I looked up into the clouds. I was still smiling because I was kind of grateful. At that moment, I wasn't paying any attention to others. It was just me.
Suddenly a young man tapped me on the left shoulder: “Sorry, I waited until you finish your phone call, but I really want to tell you that you have an unbelievably great charisma! You're so beautiful. The first thought that crossed my mind was:" But I'm all sweaty and even have my work clothes on! "
I stood there looking at him, then giggled in embarrassment. It was very uncomfortable for me.
The big question I'm asking myself today is: WHY?

Very few people can deal confidently and appropriately with the compliments they receive. Sometimes compliments are deliberately ignored or denied in principle.
There is great uncertainty in me.
If others are not allowed to, can I give myself compliments at all? And if so, up to what limit? At what point is it 'conceited', 'in love with yourself'?
Why do most of us think and feel that way?
Often behind this uncertainty lies far too high one's own standards or even perfectionism. Because we constantly have these demands in our heads and try to meet them, we get lost in a certain inaccessibility to ourselves through numerous comparisons with the unattainable. We lose ourselves in the process and often become strangers to ourselves.
This great uncertainty that arises when you receive a spontaneous compliment is almost unbearable because we are not convinced of ourselves at all and we simply lack access to ourselves.

Have you ever thought about getting involved in thinking completely the opposite? Getting in touch with a little self-confidence?

Personally, the first thing I referred to was my body. I felt very bad for a while, it was very difficult for me to take care of myself and I often ate wrongly. One day, all of a sudden, it came down on me like a blessing: For the first time I thought about doing something good for myself. Not in the sense of 'having an ice cream or a pizza', but rather in the sense of 'buy good food and cook for myself'. For me it was the very first time in my whole life that I cooked myself a meal.
At that time, one essential thought accompanied me the whole time: my body only deserved the best. I only deserve the best.
I just wanted to get away from the thought of not being able to treat myself to anything or, if I did, just not worrying about what I was eating into myself. To this day, this is one of the fundamental building blocks that explains why I live vegan.

Such a change of perspective definitely takes time.
But I can tell you one thing: it's worth it!
Stay with you You are worth it believe me
And something else that you should never lose sight of: You yourself have only deserved the best, because you are your own most valuable possession.
And if you think so, then you will thank yourself.

Your Paula.


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